Merry Christmoose

Create your own work of art.

We wanted to create a warm and fuzzy holiday card from our offices. WE also had our warm and fuzzy studio dog as our model. We didn’t want your average, run-of-the-puppy mill card so we decided to create a “Warhol” effect.

Each recipient of our cards got of them in the envelope with the outer design printed on front and back to in effect – create their own Warhol!

Funny thing when you take those creative risks – we ended up with ADDY awards for creativity AND we got a new client out of it. That project alone on our website, resonated with a potential client who called us. When asked how she found out about us – the reply was the “Merry Christmoose” design on our website piqued her interest¬†and motivated her to call.

You never know what may spark someone’s imagination. Got a light?