Beef’s to Go

Help with Growing Pains


This restaurant chain had grown quickly and had reached a point where they needed continuity throughout the individual franchisees in several states. The quandary – how do we keep that small town, community feel yet look like an organized, national chain ?

Doubletake created the solution. Offer customizable menu design to solve challenges the individual stores faced and within budget. The menus we designed to have the front panel and several other positions on the menu where franchisees could insert local photos of their patrons – a personal feel with a national look. Individual locations could involve their community by holding photo contests to win a spot on their local menus. Custom clear sleeves were added to one panel so regional menu offerings could be incorporated. The result? Per ticket item sales increased by 6% as a result of the new menu design complete with food photography. Sweet!

Need to add custom graphic elements? We’ve created hundreds of them over the years and the Beef’s to Go represents a strong, graphic icon. This was developed for all take-out packaging. Something simple that could be reproduced in one color on all to-go bags and preserve the brand within the family of products.

Conclusion? An easily reproducible graphic that stands the test of time. Attributes that create a timeless icon.