Advertising Agency in St. Petersburg, FL

Mission: To know your product and creatively make your product known.

Since that first year ADDY, and numerous Hermes and ADDY awards later, the Doubletake by Design team is still your boutique style agency. We believe in digging deep to find unique aspects of your brand identity. We make these found expressions that set you above the competition actionable, so customers want to buy. We are not afraid to explore the outer limits, while keeping your results front of mind.

Our commitment to creative excellence honors the student mentality. Our team creates marketing campaigns and advertising through fine art, graphic design and mass communications, including social.

Not bound by the restriction of the imagination or the kind of jaded burnout that can come from knowing a product only all too well. Doubletake by Design is open to looking at things from a fresh angle. We use flexible skills to come up with new, exciting approaches to commonplace marketing.

We believe that working together is the only way to develop a successful relationship. At Doubletake, you are an integral part of the creative process, where all ideas are encouraged as part of a collaborative effort, to create effective communications. Be sure to follow our blog and share comment contributions!

The Doubletake Team

Two decades with Doubletake

Our work has been recognized at the national and international level for creativity and design excellence with over 26 ADDY awards and 12 Hermes Platinum and Gold awards. We’ve also been recognized by IAAPA’s Brass Ring Awards, Stora Enso Paper and many others for the ability to meet, and then exceed, our customers’ needs.


Doubletake is born. Terri Hall spearheads a new age of digital marketing agencies without knowing it — yet.


Doubletake is hired by Channelside IMAX, The Florida Aquarium, MOSI, Lowry Park Zoo and The Tampa Trio. Doubletake has already won an award for design from ADDY


Doubletake Studios officially transitions into Doubletake Marketing & PR. A unique yet straightforward name for a business that matches. This name helps to reflect a more PR-centric approach to Doubletake's services.


Doubletake Marketing & PR moves its headquarters to the Poynter Institute for media studies in St. Petersburg.