About Us

Terri Hall opened Doubletake’s doors in 1999 as a wide-eyed, eager and tenacious young woman trying to set the world afire with new ways of thinking about Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. It’s now 2020 and after a recession, a few hurricanes, office moves and even a global pandemic, her tenacity remains. That’s what’s made Doubletake Communications one of Florida’s oldest and most respected marketing firms. The agency has grown and shrunk over the years, but the one constant has been Terri Hall’s tenacity and dedication to her clients. Contact us and learn more about how Terri and her team can help.

No one knows Florida like Doubletake.

Florida’s a different kind of place. It leads the nation in senior population, AND it’s ranked 4th in number of births. Our deeply diverse populations have developed a reputation for generating unique and often, admittedly, strange news reports. But those of us living here know that while the summers are hot, the winters are perfect.

Doubletake knows Florida. We’re experts in understanding the unique challenges brands face when expanding into the Sunshine State. Visit us in St Petersburg and we can explain to you why so much of our local population thinks of Tampa as a foreign country, why the Tampa Bay Rays play in St Pete and why hockey is the most popular sport in the warmest state.

Focused on the customer.

The secret to our success is simple: we know where to find the answers to your marketing, PR and brand questions. It’s your customer. Whether it’s a retail consumer buying a hamburger or a wholesale-club membership, a government procurement office, or a family looking for a weekend away, you can learn a lot by listening. Doubletake’s job is to translate consumer behavior into a strategic plan that will put your brand front and center when and where you need them to think about you.

So now that you know where the answer is, let’s get your brand top of mind!

That’s us, getting noticed!

Awards- Yes, we win them.

Good work speaks for itself.
GREAT work meets goals and grows business.

While everyone loves the boost of winning an award and having projects recognized, we typically don’t submit to awards unless we’re asked. The awards we’re happiest about are our client relationships.
That said, we’ve won a few- here’s a list of a few.