WHo’s Who @ Doubletake

Terri Hall is the heart and soul of Doubletake. She can tell you the company’s history, successes and challenges while also telling you everything you’d ever want to know about the St Petersburg Art community.  She’s also owned llamas, horses, parrots and many dogs on her farm. Yes, that’s a lobster pin.

Russ Barmmer is Doubletake’s Consultant Emeritus. In his role as mentor, sounding board, and ideator, Russ is active in developing stories and client pitches.  After working for a few PR agencies in New York, Russ decided that he could do it better, his way, so he opened his own Madison Avenue PR firm and boasted clients like the Boy Scouts of America, Honeywell, NCR and BMW. With loads of PR experience, connections and an instinct for “the pitch,” Russ is an integral part of the Doubletake team.

If you get the chance, ask Russ for the tale of his persuading Oscar de la Renta into designing the Boy Scout uniform- Mick Jagger makes a cameo!

Jeff Smith is Doubletake’s chief design mind. An award-winning designer, Jeff did time with New York design agencies before returning to Florida for the sun, sand and family. Conducting design symphonies on his computer is his job, but music is Jeff’s hobby and passion. Guitar, keyboard instruments and an occasional theremin are all to be expected when Jeff sets off on a jam session with his friends.