Business Launch

Case Study 
Anvil Coatings

Anvil, a leading provider of industrial coatings for construction purposes, came to Doubletake when they needed to go to market. Their audience is a tough sell- contractors, builders and specifiers that demand a lot from their products.

Strategy + Media

Campaign Strategy
Event Support
Direct Marketing
Social Media

The Approach

Anvil hired Doubletake to build and retain market share in the competitive industrial coatings market. They needed a brand, then they needed to promote the brand. We were able to help them throughout their entire supply chain, bringing the brand to market and establishing them as a leading choice for builders.

Packaging, cooperative advertising, billboards, product safety data sheets and more: that’s what it takes to make a brand come alive. It’s what made Anvil the leader in industrial coatings.


Selling Online

Doubletake built an online presence for Anvil, allowing them to sell directly to their contractor base. The ecommerce engine sped Anvil’s order fulfillment time while giving contractors a consistent experience. The site became the “go to” for product updates and install information.

How Do l Use This?

Specific coatings have specific uses. It’s one of the challenges faced by builders and contractors. Climate, building materials and usage all affect application requirements. Doubletake created a series of updateable video and online content blocks to support the “guys in the field” as they got their jobs done.

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