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Case Study
Kawasumi labs

Doubletake develops strategies and creative to accompany new product launches for Kawasumi Laboratories America Inc. (KLA), a medical device manufacturing company. Well known in Japanese markets, KLA needed to make a lasting impression on their target audience of oncology nurse practitioners.

Strategy + Media

Campaign Strategy
Direct Marketing
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The Approach

When KLA launched a new product taking advantage of thier newly patented anti-stick needly device, they tapped Doubletake to manage the launch. While the product was proven and well known in Japanese markets, the benefits needed to be presented to make a lasting impression on their target audience of American oncology nurse practitioners.


No Quacks here!

In the first year of the duck campaign, booth traffic at the show increased by 75%. 

The ducks were presented via 3‐D mailers and distributed at a national
conference. KLA quickly became known as the “duck people” at the conference. The campaign continued for four years and gave out over 5,000 ducks per conference—building a current database and creating new sales with the contacts. 

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