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Case Study 
Tampa Lowry park zoo

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is world famous, but sometimes even the cutest animals in the zoo need some help to get attention! Doubletake spent more than a decade developing and executing campaigns to drive zoo traffic and community partnerships.

Strategy + Media

Campaign Strategy
Event Support
Direct Marketing
Social Media

The results

Periodically, the Zoo introduces temporary exhibits to their attractions in addition to their extensive animal and conservation programs, as a way to generate public interest. Doubletake created the theme and graphics for the DinoQuest exhibit that featured animatronic dinosaurs. This custom‐cut, direct mail piece was distributed to the Zoo’s annual‐pass members to increase attendance.

How Do l Use This?

Doubletake redesigned and managed the Zoo’s quarterly news magazine, Zoo Chatter. This special edition was created to launch the new DinoQuest exhibit.

Results: Profits exceeded $250K for that three‐month period as a result of the DinoQuest campaign.

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