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Case Study
Zoya Inc.

Zoya Products asked Doubletake to help them maximize their opportunities with retailers like Walmart, Meijer and QVC. We helped them by updating their brands visual identity, leveraging their status as a women-owned business and producing packaging that stood out at retail.

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The Approach

Zoya Products is a prolific producer of inventions that deliver ingenious solutions for consumers that solve problems we didn’t even know we had. Zoya’s products are surprisingly simple tools that make our lives easier.
The challenge with products so ingenious and innovative as to defy categorization is that it’s often difficult for retailers to understand how and where to place them.

Doubletake was hired to help make the brand stand out at retail, develop a
packaging system that would stand out on shelf, and build a story that would help the brand break into new retail outlets.
Doubletake first addressed the challenge by building a messaging hierarchy for the brand and packaging to emphasize the products purpose and benefits clear and easy to understand. We also gave the brand a color palette and design language that stands out at retail. With Doubletake’s help, Zoya Products have doubled their footprint at these leading retailers and continues to grow.

While traditional retail is a challenge for many brands, Zoya Products, with
Doubletakes help, have found success in the shop-at-home space with QVC. A
unique challenge that requires clear product differentiation, a keen eye for casting talent and the ability to fulfill a brand promise in an unforgiving, live television environment. Zoya Products continues to be a favorite brand for QVC buyers and programmers.

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