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Case Study 
SmashBurger florida

National burger giant Smashburger, asked us to launch the brand in the Florida market. We delivered with a multimedia strategy that engaged and delivered earned and social results.


Event Support
Direct Marketing
Social Media


The Approach

The Florida Smashburger opening was, ahem, a SMASH! Stores were packed, record numbers of mobile deliveries were booked online and store owners and managers were booked on morning and afternoon network television. A coordinated effort to bring the Smashburger message to hungry people worked. To this day, Tampa remains well-fed, partly due to the efforts of Smashburger and Doubletake.

Mobile by Mobile

Today’s consumer doesn’t always have time to wait for a burger. Leveraging the message of Good Food Fast, we were able to use social media tools to engage consumers and drive online orders.

Selling with, not at, the Community

Smashburger is a philanthropic company. To take advantage of this, we partnered with high-profile charities to deliver the brand message, along with some food, to the greater Tampa Bay region.

The Florida market is a unique unique recipe, made up of locals, snowbirds, transplants and eccentrics. All baked under a hot sun and seasoned with beautiful beaches, tall palms and great stories. 

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